Getting Started

How To Begin

  1. Sign up (If you've already done this, skip ahead)
  2. Confirm your email via the link we'll email you (If you've already done this, skip ahead)

Setup Your Unlist

  1. Think of something you would like to find to buy.
  2. Under the "Unlistings" tab, click "+add unlisting" and create your unlisting.

Follow Family & Friends

  1. Under the Unlistings tab, click "friends".
  2. Search & add your friends/family for following their unlists (wishlists) (you must know their exact email to find them)

These are the basics. Remember that keywords in your unlistings are what will be searched for. Also, adding a webpage link to your unlisting enables you to conveniently choose a picture from that webpage for display. Selecting "protected" will keep unlistings from showing up in public searches & browse. In your profile, you can change your profile picture, username, your default location, etc. Have fun!

Other ways to use Unlist

  1. Unlists of friends/family are great for finding gift ideas
  2. Have things to sell? Search to see if anyone is looking for your things.
  3. Search to track market pricing demanded by unlisters (buyers)
  4. If you see Community Reuse unlistings in your area for things you no longer need, you can give them away.
    Or +add a Community Reuse unlisting of something you need.